May 2010

It's May 2010 and the HOREX Home Website exists now over one jear.
In this time Horex Home gets over 6000 webhits and all visitors together stayed more than 700 hours on this site.
This visitors came from all over the world to the HOREX Home Webseite:

  • Europa:_____93,8%
  • Amerika:_____4,5%
  • Asien:_______1,0%
  • Australien:____0,6%
  • GUS:________0,1%
  • Afrika:______<0,1%

Hereby i give thanks to all the Horex friends for the hits on my website, the E-Mails and the entrys in my guestbook.
This shows me the interest on my website and on the HOREX Regina motorcycles and that it is worht to carry on with this website.

In the last few month i had no time for my Horex Regina and this webpage.
This wont change until August due to lack of time and place. I have other set priorities first.
Im looking forward to carry on with the HOREX Home website and bringing the live back into my Regina.

I wish all HOREX friends a good season 2010.
Keep on riding

Your Andreas

June 2012

6 / 2012

Now, after my Horex Regina project stands still for nearly 3 jears also my site was only updated sporadical.
But i was really surprised about amount of visitors on the website.
Actually the counter is nearly on 31000 visits.

Statistic of visits of the past years.


It's clearly shown, that the interest on this site and also on Horex Regina motorcyles is increasing.
But i'm also verry happy about the entries in my guestbook.

So i want to thank all visitors of Horexhome for their interest.
Keep on riding!

Your Andreas

About HorexHome

Purpose of this site is the documentation of the restauration of my HOREX Regina motorcycle.
Additional i will put information from my experience, during the restauration of the Regina on this site.
If you are searching for informations, which you cant find here, send me a mail. I will see, what i can do.
Now, since the translation to english is ready, i start to fill the page with new pictures from the restauration of my HOREX Regina.
Also im working on a link-site to interesting web pages with HOREX and motorcycle content.
If you have some information or fair comments, send it to me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Additionally it would be nice, that you leave a comment in my Guestbook

Thank you!

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