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Regina 01 frame.

This frame was build in year 53 and is from a HOREX Regina type 01


Regina 0 frame.

For comparison, here is a frame from a HOREX Regina 0 build in year 51.


Detail view Regina 1 frame.

The support for the rubber bearingür where the fueltank is mounted, is 10mm deep.
On the HOREX Regina frame type 03 it should be only 5mm deep, but i don´t have a Regina 03 frame for comparison.


Detail view Regina 0 frame.

Support for fuel-tank in old construction for flat-tank, lock on right side, Fork-support old construction (not strengthened, flat angle),
identity number on back right side near support for seat.


Regina 1 backframe.

On the Regina the backframe is detachable from the frame.